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As an employer you have a multitude of responsibilities for ensuring the safety of your staff, contractors, visitors, public, customers, whoever may come to your premises. To successfully outline your expectations and intentions you will need to write a selection of policy statements. Ranging from health and safety to data protection this task can seem daunting, but it doesn't have to be. Here at Walker Health and Safety we can talk you through the requirements of each policy and highlight how your industry may differ from others. We can help with the following policies:

Health and Safety Policy Statement

If you employ more than five members of staff, it is a legal requirement to have a Health and Safety Policy Statement. A health and safety policy statement sets out how you manage health and safety within your workplace. It demonstrates your businesses attitude towards health and safety and the steps, arrangements and systems you have in place to ensure you comply with Health and Safety legislation. If you employ less than five staff, it is still good practice to complete a Health and Safety Policy Statement.

Health and Safety Policy

You may be wondering what a health and safety policy is and why you need one. Your business must have a health and safety policy and if you have fewer than five employees, you don't have to write anything down. Most businesses set out their policy in three sections:

  • The statement of general policy on health and safety at work sets out your commitment to managing health and safety effectively, and what you want to achieve
  • The responsibility section sets out who is responsible for specific actions
  • The arrangements section contains the detail of what you are going to do in practice to achieve the aims set out in your statement of health and safety policy

Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy writing involves the commitment of an organisation to the laws, regulations, and other policy mechanisms concerning environmental issues.

These issues covered in the environmental policy writing generally include air and water pollution, solid waste management, ecosystem management, maintenance of biodiversity, the protection of natural resources, wildlife and endangered species.

Policy writing concerns energy or regulation of toxic substances including pesticides and many types of industrial waste are part of the topic of environmental policy. This policy can be deliberately taken to direct and oversee human activities and thereby prevent harmful effects on the biophysical environment and natural resources, as well as to make sure that changes in the environment do not have harmful effects on humans.

Equal opportunities policy writing

We can also assist with the creation of an equal opportunities policy for your organisation. An equal opportunities policy should clearly document your organisation's commitment to non-discriminatory procedures and practices. By defining the forms of discrimination covered you can set out your expectations for employees and ensure you comply with the Equalities Act 2010.

Data Protection Policy writing

The Data Protection Act controls how your personal information is used by your organisation. Everyone who is responsible for using data has to follow strict rules, this is to ensure that people's data is used lawfully and for the specifically stated purpose. A data protection policy outlines how your organisation intends to use, store and distribute data. It is an essential statement for ensuring that people are fully aware how you intend to use the data that they provide. It gives people trust in your organisation and ensures the security of your business. If you need help devising an equal opportunities policy, please contact us today.

Drugs and Alcohol Policy writing

A drugs and alcohol policy shows your organisation's responsibility and commitment to ensure a safe and healthy workplace. It ensures that employees can work in an environment free from substances. The policy is used to outline your expectations for maintaining an alcohol and drug free environment.

Here at Walker Health and Safety Services we can assist you with writing your policies. We have many years' experience producing documentation for businesses and can highlight areas that you may want to include in your policy reflective of the market place you are in.

Health and Safety Policy Writing
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