Health & Safety Frequently Asked Questions

Health and safety can be such a dull subject with some topics overlooked, yet it is very important in the workplace. We hope to give you a fresh outlook to health and safety. Working together we can improve the health and safety culture in the workplace, update, review, transform or build health and safety documentation to suit the individual companies’ requirements and ensure that you stay in the law :)

What do Walker Health and Safety Services offer?

We ensure that your company or organisation have properly addressed the legal, moral and financial responsibilities that are health and safety related.

Walker Health and Safety Services offer a tailor made health and safety management systems, including procedures and policies which will save you time and demonstrate your commitment to keeping your workforce safe.

Information and training

Walker Health and Safety Services can highlight areas for improvement and offer information packs to all member of staff on any topic. They can also provide a recommendation for training and carry this through to ensure that all that the client is receiving our full attention and relevant up to date material.

If we can’t provide the training we can recommend a service provider.

Are your health and safety consultants experts?

Yes. Our Health and Safety Consultants are professionally qualified and have varying workplace experience. All are able to assist with the normal health and safety problems, risk assessment, COSHH, manual handling and so on.

Will you do my risk assessments for me?

Risk assessments are the employer’s responsibility and need to be undertaken by a competent person. Retained annual clients may use our name as their competent person to assist. We will check your work if you would like us to.

As part of our service we can train your staff to assess risk. Special risk assessments can be carried out by our consultants during their normal visits to your premises or by special arrangement.

Contact us for more information.

Can you provide legal protection/support?

We do not supply legal fees insurance. Any prosecution by the HSE or EHO is a criminal matter and the only insurance cover available is to cover the legal fees required to defend the case.

Most organisations already have this as part of their other commercial insurances or part of their membership to trade associations or chambers of commerce.

It is very rarely needed, and even less so by organisations who are well organised in terms of health and safety.

What will I receive as a client?

Legal compliance
Peace of mind
Reduced costs
Professional assistance
Greater staff productivity

How do I ensure that I stay up to date with the law?

Walker Health and Safety Services provide clients with regular legal updates and items on this website to provide easy to digest information on the complex and rapid changes to legislation. Retained clients will automatically receive updated information to be included within their policy when applicable new legislation is introduced.

Can I pass over my entire health and safety responsibilities to Walker Health and Safety Services?

No. We will work with you and your team to ensure that you are taking all the appropriate steps to ensure that risks to your organisation are minimised and that you comply with all the appropriate legislation. But, ultimately the responsibility of ensuring a safe place to work for your employees and complying with health and safety legislation is that of the employer.

How often will you visit my premises?

As often as you like, it’s up to you! Normally two or three visits a year are sufficient but not always. It depends on the work environment and how much work there is to bring the company up to speed.

What does an audit of our premises involve?

One of our health and safety consultants will, in accompaniment with a representative of your organisation, undertake the following:
An inspection of the physical premises and an assessment of risk from both the premises and the work being carried out in it
A fire risk assessment (if necessary)
A check of the emergency procedures and signage of the organisation
A check on mandatory and recommended health and safety training requirements
A discussion on the management structure and responsibilities for health and safety
A close out meeting with the senior management of the organisation
A full written report

Will I need to specially prepare anything for this audit?

No. If you have any existing health and safety paperwork to hand, this would be useful.

What happens if I am visited by the HSE?

If you are contacted by the HSE regarding a health and safety issue then you should contact us and let us know immediately in order for us to discuss and agree what steps to take.

However, with the documentation provided, if our advice is taken on board, and a commitment is made by the organisation to ensure that health and safety practices are upheld, it is unlikely that the HSE will be dissatisfied with your organisation.

What happens if there’s an accident involving one of our employees or on our premises?

Let us know as soon as possible. Certain categories of accidents must be notified to the Enforcing Authority and we can help with this.

You are required to ensure that all serious incidents are properly investigated. It may be that a visit from one of our health and safety consultants to assist you with this needs to be arranged very quickly.

If you have any questions that we haven’t thought of please contact us, we are happy to help!

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Thank you, Emma, for working with us at Exotic Zoo. Great customer service, very friendly and approachable. We hope to work with you for many more years.

Scott – Exotic Zoo
Emma is always at the other end of the phone for advice and issues are always remedied promptly. It's great to know that the Health and safety of our business is being overshadowed by a great team. Thank you, Emma and Co.

Suzie - Longmynd Service Station
During November 2019 we moved to new larger premises in Pershore, Worcestershire. At that time we decided to appoint a new Health and Safety professional and were recommended to Emma at Walker H&S Services by our HR Consultants Cluer HR. The recommendation has turned out to be better than expected. Emma’s attention to detail is second to none. She has prepared a comprehensive plan that covers all aspects of H&S for our new premises following a detailed assessment of our requirements and staffing. We can’t speak highly enough of the service offered by Emma and her team and we look forward to working with Walker H&S Services for many years to come. Keep up the good work!

Merchandise Supplier, Pershore

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