Importance of Fire Safety Training

Training is an important part of an employee’s development in the workplace. It is important that employees know the companies procedures and are aware of what to do should there be an emergency.

Article 21 of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 states:

21 (1) The responsible person must ensure that the employees are provided with adequate safety training –

(a)at the time when they are first employed; and

(b)on their being exposed to new or increased risks because of—

(i)their being transferred or given a change of responsibilities within the responsible person’s undertaking;

(ii)the introduction of new work equipment into, or a change respecting work equipment already in use within, the responsible person’s undertaking;

(iii)the introduction of new technology into the responsible person’s undertaking; or

(iv)the introduction of a new system of work into, or a change respecting a system of work already in use within, the responsible person’s undertaking.

(2) The training referred to in paragraph (1) must—

(a)include suitable and sufficient instruction and training on the appropriate precautions and actions to be taken by the employee in order to safeguard himself and other relevant persons on the premises;

(b)be repeated periodically where appropriate;

(c)be adapted to take account of any new or changed risks to the safety of the employees concerned;

(d)be provided in a manner appropriate to the risk identified by the risk assessment; and

(e)take place during working hours.

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